19 November 2008

5 Horror Movies from the Public Domain

I like old movies, especially those old school thrillers. Thus, I find myself making a list of horror/science fiction movies that are in the public domain.

1. A corpse hangs in the web

Apparently a German-Yugoslav scifi movie dating back to the 1960s. Wiki makes it sound like there is a spider involved (by the way that was one questionable review). I'll watch it for first few minutes and see if it is as dodgy as the review sounds.

I mean come on! There is hardly any mention of spiders in that review.

I fear I am going to regret adding this as the first on the list.

Horrors of Spider Island on Google

2. House on the Haunted Hill

You guessed it, the 1999 movie is a remake of this one.

This 1959 horror fest stars Vincent Price (wasn't he in Last Man on Earth) and was directed by William Castle.

You already know the story - stay in haunted house and win some moolah.

Let's see how the old was developed the evil cackles to scare off people.

House on Haunted Hill (Google)

3. A bucket of blood

Update: Watched. Written down a short review of A Bucket of Blood here.

Hmm. I wonder about this one. Artist killing people for inspiration?

Apparently this was a 1959 horror-comedy. Bits of rather dark sense of humor is what I am guessing.

A bucket of blood (Google)

4. Plan 9 from outer space

This is supposed to be the worst movie ever made (well, probably before Crossroads and Glitter tortured those heading for the suprise premiere).

I am curious to see it; I want to how just how bad it is. And it has been mentioned so many times in pop culture that you have to wonder what the fuss is all about.

Another one I fear I will regret.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

5. The Brain the Wouldn't Die

You can guess what kinda slasher this is going to be.

It dates back to late 1960s and is similar to crazy scientist going all nutsy with body parts ... that are not his to begin with.

The Brain ... (on Google)