05 November 2008

When you know you love WOW

I told Ferradine she is gonna be mentioned consistently until she uploads more artwork *evil laugh* and thus one more link to my good friend in crime.

Ferradine (or Treacherous S. Elliot as known to Muggle folk) sent me this funny link to a Wow story. You've probably read it by now (it seems to have been a big hit online) but I will link to the story nonetheless.

Called World of Warcraft vs. My Girlfriend (written by T. Curry), it is a hilarious ad hopefully fictitious) account of how one man lost his girlfriend due to his love for wow.

This is how it begins ...

I've had a lot of time to think about our last conversation, particularly since you ended it by ramming a keyboard through my monitor. I understand that we were both upset at the time and perhaps we said some things we didn't mean. Well, maybe you more than me, considering I mostly just listened to you shriek and cowered in the corner.

Read the rest here @ McSweeney's.