13 November 2008

There will be a second sesaon of Sanctuary

Yay! Second season of Sanctuary is on the cards!!

I have only seen the web series version and I must admit it's a mind blowing series.

Sadly, I don't think a lot of folks appreciate it for what it is; you know the number of times I have heard trend-following friends gush about Heroes 3 (oh kill me now) and then pish posh good series like Sanctuary?

Sheeps, all of you! Baa!


Ayya said...

Oi.. i remember liking (ahem) heroes season 1... can't recall what i liked about it right about now. from what i saw of sanctuary on imdb would definitely like to check it out.

Aktief Kulture said...

Please look for the webseries version of Sanctuary before you check out the telly version. I have not seen the telly version yet but from what I read, they tried to make sure the one on telly complemented the one on the web as opposed to being exact replicants. Also, the format of the webseries had a different storytelling method to normal telly (not sure if they carried it through).

I used to like heroes one too. But I can't re-watch them now which is always a bad sign for a series, at least in my opinion. Didn't u feel that Heroes one was based one instant gratification type of thriller action. So u watched the show to feed the need to know what happened next and the actual story was flimsy (save the world from nuke? that is old).

Actually what also put me off was the comparison to 80s X-men cartoon. Kinda showed where Heroes was inspired from.

AzMyst said...

Watched eps 1 and 2 of the Sanctuary series. Started out good but became pretty lame pretty soon. Couldn't muster enough excitement to check the rest of the eps. It's pretty dragging and the really bad special effects weighed down any sense of wonder one might have. Let's not even talk about Heroes eh? :D

Aktief Kulture said...

Guess Sanctuary is not for everyone. Oh well. I take it Afterworld will not be ur cuppa tea either. :)