05 November 2008

Where can I find royalty-free photographs

I was looking up a few royalty-free photo sites and thought I would post a list of interesting ones that I found.


All photographs in this site are beautiful. There is quite a wide variety of pictures as well.

As for the terms of use, I am somewhat confused by it. For instance, the folk say "Photocase is a Community built on inspiring photography. For users, by users, all our photos can be downloaded for commercial and private use, providing said use is in agreement with our Terms of Use."

So far so good. However, the terms of use is a bit puzzling. Seems like you need to earn download credits in certain ways. It doesn't sound terrible; just seems to require an active participation in that community.

Photoshop Support

This site provides an excellent list of royalty-free pictures. Some sites offer free pics only for personal use; do note that even in those cases, linking back and attribution might be required). Thus, be sure to read the terms and conditions before diving straight in.


SXC is another fantastic site. I keep coming back to this one. Great pics, friendly folk and some creative shots as well.

Offers royalty-free pics as well ones who gotta pay for.

Geek Philospher

Geek Philosopher is fab choice as well.

Their selection may not be as big as some of the other sites but they make up for this by presenting unique perspectives on various themes.

Public Domain Pictures

Once again, a smallish royalty-free site. Their 'people' pictures had a bit too many seaside pics (not a problem per say but I was hoping for more diversity) - I suppose there will be more added to this site. The light effects page was quite amazing though.