18 November 2008

MTV chats with Bliz CEO

MTV has an interview with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaim.

An interesting interview, talking about business model for WOW, releasing more expansions and something about the iPhone.

What did interest me was this:

MTV Multiplayer: Is the subscription model in general still valid? Has the monthly rate ever changed for “WoW” since it launched in 2004 and do you feel like it should change?

Morhaime: The monthly rate for “WoW” in the United States has not changed, and we’re not planning any changes to it.

You know I would say, "Yay that is good to know" except that this phrase does not apply to those outside US.

Nah, they are decent folks so I don't see them hiking prices for the fans based in other countries.

On that note, what is the percent of subscribers per country? Just out of curiosity ....