04 November 2008

That thing that blankets do

Another interesting article by Prof. Alistair B. Fraser called Bad Greenhouse.

Basically, he dismisses various myths and misconceptions surrounding the over-hyped greenhouse effect.

In nutshell, when you read his article you will find -
a) That the link between greenhouse effect and global warming is like spotting the Q-link between Iraq and any terror group with Q in their name.
b) that greenhouse effect is a misunderstood underdog who ain't all bad.
c) that the stupid diagram your 6th grade science teacher drew about the earth and bloody reflecting blanket effect was all hogwash.

Upon reading this article, I have been searching for various articles that confirm/contradict this theory.

With all due respect to the Prof., taking someone's word for it was what lead me to believe the blanket effect in the first place! To that effect here is another link that more or less agree with the good professor.

Eastern Illinois University page of Associate Prof. J.P. Stimac

Note: Will upload more links (for and against) as I come across them.

In the meantime, if you will excuse me, I need to have a word with my high school science teachers.