12 November 2008

Proliferation of Diabloasters

Bwahahha .... well said.

This is a blog written by a rather indignant fan of the Diablo series.


Let's start with Diablo III. If you based your knowledge of Diablo from what you hear on the internet then your perception would be as follows. Diablo is a game where the objective is to adjust your gamma setting until you can't see anything; then you dupe a bunch of items and get banned from Battle.Net.

And he makes a lot of valid points about those whiny fanboys who make everyone else look bad.

AND I agree with the whole Blizzard looms over the moutain of WOW gold comment. I have been griping about the inability to pay for my WOW account in Europe - yes, yes, I can't use paypal (damn you) , I don't have a fracking credit card and no, I don't want to buy a two-month game card (priced high enough to buy four smurfs, so there).

Which leads me to think all they care about is the bags of walking moneybags that are in US. *adds Blizzard next to HULU*.

Shire, Baggins!!