07 November 2008

Galacticast: A Geeky Webseries

There are quite a few webseries around these days; some are brilliant (check my previous post) and some are painful. I won't name the terrible ones, I'll stick to mentioning any new media venture that is fun, amuses and or just fracking hilarious.

Galacticast is a good webseries in that sense. Some of the episodes were o-kay, some I would only watch once. But there are some real gems in this geek fest.

My two current favorites are Ducky Horror and Heat Fozzy. Not many folk will refer to RHPS and thus, the Ducky Horror reference was daring. Not to mention well done. Ducky Ducky quack quack indeed.

As for Heat Fozzy, the intro is classic. "They took his dignity, they took his honor, and then they took his love... Kermit is seeking revenge!" Oh that was fracking hilarious. That's right, it ain't easy being green.

I am still in the midst of watching this webseries and will be posting more reviews as I tag more favorites.