17 November 2008

Interview with Apophis

It's the bad guy who just won't die - not that I am one to complain ... It's Apophis!!!

Gateworld has an interview
with Peter Williams where they discuss the early days of Stargate Sg-1 and all the gang had to worry about was the next nefarious plan of Apophis.

And WTF is all that about reshooting Children of the Gods?

Right. Yeah, I know Fox is very interested. They're also going to trim a lot, according to Brad. They said a lot of dialogue was awkward.

Leave all the good stuff as is - damn you Fox!!

That is one movie I will not buy for my collection. In fact, before any more damage is done (i.e. some schmuck goes and introduces a digitally remastered version of the whole series) I might have to finish up my collection of Stargate - Buffy must wait now.

And one more titbit:

There's this asteroid that's circling earth. You go and Google "asteroid Apophis." The guys who discovered this asteroid are Stargate fans.