14 November 2008

Felicia Day interview

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Was it just me or did that first guy who asked about "what deals are you looking for" sound a bit annoyed? What's his problem?

Makes me wonder if some people actually understand the premise for a webseries, why it does so well and most importantly the problem of copyrights and how it affects the creators.

I think Felicia Day made a great point about why she as a writer and creator wants to have a say in how the show is maintained, portrayed to the audience and most importantly, how the essence of the show must be retained.

If people keep asking her about the deals and why she has not said yes, it also makes me wonder if a lotta folk just didn't get what the writer's strike in US was all about. Which would be distressing to say the least.

A lot of people thought it was about earning so much moolah that you can roll around in it while laughing madly.

It's not.

Money from the project would be nice.

But the most important point was that the real creators did not have a say in how their creations were being used, reused, sliced, diced, guttered, promoted, franchised and what not.

Great interview. It's good to see an entrepreneur creating a new web model for the the internet.