11 November 2008

Dollhouse delays?

Don't trust the devil in foxy clothing ... or something profound to that effect.

Some folks believe Dollhouse is in trouble. Whedon pish-poshed such claims, provided updates on his blog and continued to tweak the show.

Reason for initial delays? Apparently the mighty Fox was not mighty pleased. I know, I know, Whedon has been saying that he wanted to charges some stuff, he understood their worries and it has to fit network.

But from the fervent discussions on most forums, a lot of fans are pointing fingers at Fox.

And given the past treatment of his projects, you can see why. Like the Star also suggests, Firefly and Buffy were horribly (bad enough to join the Evil League of Evil in fact).


Whedon's new Fox series, Dollhouse, has already been subjected to several production shutdowns, from the initial scrapping of the pilot, right up to today, when shooting was scheduled to begin on the seventh episode and is now indefinitely postponed while Whedon cranks out yet another rewrite.

But then, what can you expect from a tabloid-style network that caters to Muggles with the most mundane brain cogs?