21 November 2008

Copernicus and Spiders rule the weekend

Friday Links

Copernicus' remains found?

Well what do you know? They might have found Copernicus' grave.

Apparently researchers compared the DNA of bones found in grave to that of two strands of hair found in one of his books.

Okay, to those of you who wonder if this was the remains of his man-servant or a friend who occasionally borrowed his book, experts claim that facial recognition tech also provide proof.

Polish archaeologist Jerzy Gassowski told a news conference that forensic facial reconstruction of the skull, missing the lower jaw, his team found in 2005 buried in a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Frombork, Poland, bears striking resemblance to existing portraits of Copernicus.

Source - Yahoo News
Online Book Archive

I know Project Gutenberg is out there (and bless their bookish boots for their good deeds) but I also like to see what else is out there.

Thus I came across this list of books, called Forgotten Books, which details a whole lot of books from the good old days.

Most of this links back to Google Books.

And there was one?

I had to link to this story (Slashdot).

Apparently two spiders were beamed up, I mean sent to the International Space Station and now only one can be seen.

Bushweed shared this article through his feeds, pointing out that this must have been the premise for a lotta flicks.

Reason I found the incident funny: one movie on my list of public domain movies to watch is called A Corpse Hangs in the Web.

It's about a plane crash and a radioactive spider that goes on a rampage.