26 September 2008

Amanda Tapping Interview

I found an old interview of Amanda Tapping ... back in the good old days when Stargate SG-1 was still the most talked about Sci-fi show. It's still just as brilliant ... just not current news anymore.

Anyway, in this interview she talks a little bit about her co-stars (who's most like their character), future of the show (the rather ironic 'Would you do a movie based on the show') and of course, my favorite:

GR8Writer: What's the funniest ad lib you've ever done that made the final cut?
AT: Probably, actually, in the pilot when I did the MacGyver line. It shocked me that they kept it in. And there was another one, I can't remember the episode, when the guys all had something really important to say to General Hammond, and I said, "But I was there," because they didn't give my character anything to say, and they kept that in, which I thought was great.