19 September 2008

Dollhouse is still on track? Not canceled?


Latest news on EW is that Fox is still on the Dollhouse bandwagon and is still committed to the whole idea. Or something along those lines.

Note this comment from EW:

And after the bow of Fringe (9.1 million viewers), there’s a growing fear that shows with dense mythologies may have a hard time succeeding.

Firstly, 9.1 million sounds like a great number; it's what niches are all about.

Secondly, the more you hear about general US network's attitudes towards creative genres like science fiction and fantasy, the more it seems like these guys are shying away from concepts that fall outside the tried and true, and might I say, 'accepted' norms in US?

Bottom line is, perhaps writers and creators need to a) consider fans outside the US because they make up a considerable amount of the science fiction fan base, and b) bypass networks who seem to want 'ghost' writers and directors who should develop a formulaic story based on the network's idea of acceptable and what not and hence reel in tons of money for the bigwigs.

Yes, I am still smarting about SGA being canceled.


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