04 September 2008

Interview with David Hewlett

Gateworld had an interview with David Hewlett (Rodney from Stargate Atlantis).

Don't worry, I won't quote too much from the interview. Hewlett talks about hi views on SGA cancellation,what he is looking forward to and his feelings about working in SGA for so long.

I must admit I got all 'waily' and misty eyed when he mentioned Richard Dean Anderson. Sigh.

But it was neat. And I tell ya, there's something about having RDA say, "I'm sorry that you won't be coming back next year" that kind of makes it worthwhile. I don't know why, but of everybody who said anything to me about it, I felt like he knew more than anyone what it was like to have to walk away from a character like that.

All in all, a very touching interview.
His attitude towards cancellation is realistic and practical. You have to give him credit for being mature about it. I still have trouble accepting it.


[Laughter] I'm not going to pretend that I'm not upset about it, because I am. But at the same time, you have two choices. You can either pick up and carry on, or you can wallow. And I'm not going to wallow about it.