12 September 2008

Buddhiest Statue of Bamiyan

This news article is about the discovery of a Buddhist statue and other relics of the time.

These treasures, as they will be for a history buff, were uncovered in Afghanistan, close to the spot where the two gargantuan statues stood. On a side note, read this article for background info on how the Taliban blasted the massive Buddhist statues. The world mourned as a whole that day, the cultural ones more than the others.

To continue with this article, the recently uncovered statue is 62 feet and created in a sleeping pose. Perhaps such significant historical artifacts will now be given the protection they deserve.

Another paragraph of this same article is also noteworthy.

Scientists said in April that they had found conclusive evidence the world's first ever oil paintings were in caves near the two destroyed giant statues of Buddha in Bamiyan, hundreds of years before oil paint was used in Europe.

The historical sites and artifacts of this country is so vital the arts and culture of world history, it is heart breaking to this it is still struggling.