30 September 2008

Slacker is free download

I've heard a bit about Slacker Uprising, the free-to-download doccie by Micheal Moore. By the bye, the free download is only available to US and Canadian residents, more's the pity (would have loved to get it here in Netherlands).

Well, Slacker Uprising has been heralded as a bit of a breakthrough where new media is concerned.


If you check Wiki for a synopsis, they sum it up as a kind of a recorded version of Micheal Moore's efforts to get young folk to vote and the feedback from this crowd.

According to Wired:

Moore's widely panned documentary about the 2004 presidential election is currently ranked No. 1 on Amazon's Video on Demand movie rentals list. And, according to Moore and his online distribution partner, Brave New Films, Slacker Uprising is currently being downloaded thrice as fast as the standard blockbuster on iTunes.

You can only hope that network executives realize the folly of their ways before the trends in new media leave them gasping and wheezing in the techno race.

Check out Slacker Uprising @ official website.