24 September 2008

Turmeric is good for ya

First of all, did you know it is spelled turmeric, with an r after the u? So t-u-r-m-e-r-i-c!

Okay that said, I found a Science Daily article that states that intake of this spice "...
not only lowers your chances of getting cancer and Alzheimer's disease, but may reduce the size of a hemorrhagic stroke ..."

Second-year medical student Jay McCracken is working with Dr. Krishnan Dhandapani, neuroscientist in the MCG School of Medicine, using animal models to study curcumin's effect on intracerebral hemorrhages, bleeding in the brain caused by ruptured vessels.

Looks like they are still researching the dosage and as yet, still trying to understand how curcumin does, what it does.

At least this is a more interesting research topic than some of the rather questionable ones I have been seeing recently. *mumble mumble*