16 September 2008

Vampire Avatars - Part 2

I had a link to Vampire Avatars a while back. Whilst looking for more wallpapers etc, I thought it was time to revisit the crypt! And thus I found *drum roll ... or a howl of a wolf, whatever* :

Generic Vampire Avatars

This is a Russian site, called GameGuru (?) with plenty of artwork. My main focus was the male and female Vampires featured on the site. A lot of them are quite impressive; I especially liked the girl with bloody hands, vampire with with forked tongue; the page with male art figures are not as plentiful but interesting nonetheless. The rather delicate looking vampire with a frilly neck-tie was questionable but I am sure he is the devil personified when confronted in a dark alley. The gargoylish shape silhoutted next to the moon was awesome.

By the way, if anyone can tell me the name of the site, I would be much obliged.

On another note, I don't know if the artwork is done by Game Guru or are collections from all over the web. I have this nagging feeling I have seen the first artwork in the Male Vampire Picture. Just a thought, would love more info.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Avatar / Icon

Second one is an arbitary Buffy-based avatar or a group of it at least, that I happened to come across in Fan Forum. Check it out, see what you like. My eye was caught on the second and fourth one, by Forgotten-by-the-Sun (remind me what episode that is from?).

By the way, there is a whole lot more on the forum, so browse around a bit. :)

Vampire Hunter D Avatar

And finally, avatars from the anime Vampire Hunter D on AnimeServe.

There is quite a wide selection of avatars here, some of which include animated ones.

Other than the ones I got for the screencap (above), my favorites are 20b and the one with Vampire D dashing through the trees.


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