23 September 2008

Night of Living Dead: Review

I saw Night of Living Dead (1968) by George A Romero the other night.

And I must say, wow!

They don't make movies like they used to.

This was a classic 'zombie takes over an area' movie. And done in artistic style.

The glaring differences with modern movies are startling.

Its thrills do not depend on slash and gore; rather, the shock factor is in the matter of fact, bland camcorder style depiction of zombies eating flesh. It is the implied that scares the viewer more than the blatant portrayal of skin being torn asunder, spluttering of blood, etc.

Also interesting that the lead character was a black man, especially since this movie dates back to the civil rights movements. Note how no one in this movie ever refers to him by his race. What a difference from today when you have to describe the ethnicity or race when refering to a non-white person.

I am all geared up and ready to watch the next movie in this series.