01 September 2008

Heroes Season 3 Trailer: Also Seth Green & Breckin Meyer

I'll admit, I am not the most ardent Heroes fan and have no idea whatsoever what surprises lurk in season 3 of Heroes ('What? There is a season 3? So they didn't get the Grand Spank of Cancellation?' - a few thoughts that scrabbled across my sleep mind).

Anyway, for some reason I cannot fully comprehend, I took it upon myself to check out their trailer ('How bad can it be?').

There it is. I am not sure what to make of it. I might watch season 3 ... you won't see me queuing up for the boxset though. At first glance, it looks pretty ... ordinary.

I mean, Claire seems to have become unhinged and someone somewhere became really inspired by the concept of a hybrid between Dollhouse-style assassins and the rather unfortunate Dark Angel killers. So nothing new here.

I am pretty sure I caught a glimpse of Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto). So what is the policy on killing off people on the show? As much as the die hard fans will be jubilant, no one wants to be David Arquette's character in Scream series ... do they?

By the by, I also read somewhere that Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are will be making guest appearancesin season 3 of Heroes. As comic book 'experts' of sorts who share their years of comicky knowledge to one of the super-powered main characters. Bet it won't be Nathan Petrelli's mommy.

This could go rather nicely or turn out to be a really bad career move. But then Seth Green has partaken in some interesting ventures like Greg the Bunny and Robot Chicken. Not to mention Buffy. So only time will tell.

Well, don't take my word for it. Watch the trailer, watch the show. Apparently it starts 22 Sept. 2008.