23 September 2008

Stonehenge younger than previously thought

So this what BBC was talking about.

To start in a roundabout manner, BBC had this news brief yesterday on the telly where the presenter said something along these lines ... researchers exploring the site found bits of rock that looked like rubble. I forget the exact words but it was a poor way to start the whole news story. But then, some of their science and archaeology news have been a bit on the sensational side of late ... don't know if you can blame the news agency or the general public for this take.

Anyway, this particular news alert was about a new discovery regarding the mysterious Stonehenge.

To summarize what BBC website says:

a) The Stones date back to 2300 BC
b) They were believed to be healing stones
c) Corpses found near site and how they relate to point (b)
d) A link to Amesbury Archer (who was he again?)

Read the full article for the details.

By the way, the bits of 'rubble' mentioned on telly referred to rocks extracted after a dig that was taken for carbon dating. And hence the conclusion about the date of Stonehenge.