03 September 2008

Seriously, who uses IE anyway

Any decent web deveoper wil deccry that non-compliance of standards that is inherent in Microsoft web browsers. If not, it is just sad and a rant worthy story for another day.

This particular article I am linking to points out how Microsoft's IE8 seems to have already broken the promise about web standards compliance.

Ye, apparently the default view is not the standards compliant view AND an icon of a broken page is visible for any standards compliant page accessed by IE8.

It is frustrating to insert new features into your web design and then go through the whole rigmarole to find hacks, choppy code inserted just so it will work in IE.

I am at a point where I am going to insert browser detection into the code so that a cutsy message will promptly tell any users why the page doesn't work and direct them to the useful Save The Developers site.

If vegetarians can use passive-aggressive tactics for their cause, so can embittered web developers.