19 September 2008

Spoilers for Lost Season 5: Newbies and returnees

Lost will be shown on your telly (if you have been dishing out oodles of cash for cable services) sometimes in 2009.

That said, here are some spoilers about Season 5 of Lost!

Okay, two newbies have been cast for fifth season, one of whom is somewhat vital for final bits of Season 6 (News from EW).

One is Zuleikha Robinson who will play Illana; is it worrying that she has been compared to Joker? Perhaps a frightening note for the rest of stranded folk ... or escapees, who can tell.

Next is Said Taghmaoui; he plays Cesar, which from the description given by the producers might be a man to be reckoned with.

The producers, who were the main source of info for this article, also hinted that the strange and wonderful folk from the Freight will be in the new season, in one form or another. Ghost or flashback who knows?

What is more likely is this other guest appearance. According to this source,
Michelle Rodriguez has nudged and hinted that she will be there somewhere in season 5. Well, we can be pretty sure that it must be a flashback or dream? Hurley's hallucination (perhaps hate rage from his side cos she snuffed out his lovelife in the form of Libby).