10 September 2008

Tim Kring interview: Season 3 of Heroes

Okay, more about Season 3 of Heroes.

According to Syfy Portal, here's what Tim Kring has to say about the new season:

" ... one of the goals of this season -- because we'll have been off the air for nine months - -we didn't want to drag a lot of story behind us, and we didn't want to feel like you had to have watched two years of this show to catch up. So we wanted to answer things really quickly so that you could move forward on this volume and have a kind of clean path in front of you ... "

Read the full interview
at their site.

There were some serious flaws in Season 2 and thus his remarks are welcome at this point. However, I do remember the X-Files guys saying that you didn't need to be a fan to enjoy the new X Files movie. This better not be along the same lines.

This sounds