16 September 2008

Where do Towels come from?

For some obscure reason, I started to wonder about the origin of the word "towel".

I must admit, whilst there seems to be a number of sources pointing to the origin of this word, most of them regurgitate the same facts. All of which were quite useful but I was hoping for something more in-depth.

Anyway here goes ( I am quoting only one since all sites had the same info ):

The Online Etymology Dictionary
dates it back to the 13th Century. The site traces how the word, in its noun form, was derived from different languages, leading it to be of Germanic Origin.


... from O.Fr. toaille (12c.), from Frank. *thwahlja, from P.Gmc. *thwakhlijon (cf. O.S. thwahila, M.Du. dwale "towel," Du. dwaal "altar cloth," O.H.G. dwehila "towel," Ger. dial. Zwehle "napkin") ...