17 September 2008

Maybe it is just conservatives who hate Google

I don't get it. When social trends dictates that it is more acceptable to hate one unit of society more than others, people seem to happily flock to that bandwagon. And run with the flow, feeding that stream of hate rather than reasoning it out.

Currently it is cool to hate Google. And I seriously don't get it.

The main argument is there Google is everywhere and it is taking over the world. Your privacy is at stake, they will dictate your lives and some other random balooney that I don't have the energy to reiterate here.

Why is it cool to hate Google?

I mean think about it.

A presence that is more prevalent than Google are our communication service providers. If you don't like Google, you can change to some other gizmo wizard. Heck, you don't even have to use half these apps if you don't want to.

But what about other service providers? Those who require your details so that you can buy a house, get a credit card, open a bank account and, keeping in mind the current trends, dictate whether you can board a plane or not.

How many of them guard your details? How many of them know everything about you, shares it unbeknowst to you, with 3rd parties? Can you opt not to give up your details? Do you have a choice in 'trustworthy' service providers? In order to be part of a functioning society you have to share your details with so many organisations and institutions.

And yet, everyone loves to rant about Google. Why aren't these same folk complaining the loss of privacy and world domination of other, scarier forces?

The world economy as a whole depends on a power that is systematically violating human rights of its own citizens, cutting down on their civil liberties and methodically taking over countries in the name of defending world peace which involves the imprisonment of non-white non-Christian human beings in secluded centers that seemingly fall outside the jurisdiction of their own constitution and of world regulating bodies.

Is this not more frightening than a web-based organisation that has to abide by the laws of their country and is anwerable to a court of law?

Perhaps worrying about real world issues is more important than bitching about Google?