17 September 2008

Say no to Creationism

Ack, no ... Not in UK as well!!

Why does UK have to emulate everything that US does? It's like that elbow sucker fish type gals who hover around the popular gal hoping something will rub off on them ... I love a lotta British arts and culture but news like this does depress me.

What am I rambling on about?

Well, BBC had this news titbit about Prof. Michael Reiss resigning from his position as Dr. of Education in Royal Society about his recent comments about creationism.

Seems like he suggested (not declared as a compulsory must, mind you) that creationism should be discussed (not 'taught') in schools if the students bring it up.

I don't understand why creationism should be discussed in any scientific medium - include it in theology, philosophy or what not, but I oppose including creationism in a science class where it's about rational thougt and logic .... wait, so it can't be philosophy either, can it?

At least the Royal Society had a no-nonsense attitude to such comments.

"As a result, Professor Reiss and the Royal Society have agreed that, in the best interests of the society, he will step down immediately as director of education - a part-time post he held on secondment," it said in a statement.

This one was my favorite:

Professor Chris Higgins, vice-chancellor of the University of Durham, said: "There should be no room for doubt - creationism is completely unsupportable as a theory, and the only reason to mention creationism in schools is to enable teachers to demonstrate why the idea is scientific nonsense and has no basis in evidence or rational thought."