29 September 2008

Christopher Judge Interview

I found an oldish Christopher Judge interview on SciFi (the Aussie one).

Here he talks about working on Stargate, behind the scenes activities, his experience as a writer and much more. From the sounds of it, he feels quite strongly about politics. I can see where he is coming from apathy or ignorance can bring people down.

An interesting bit of information from the interview - Judge might have been responsible for the zat being called a zat. The things that go on ...

Take for example, I mean - the zats - the zat'n'ikatel - basically what Jonathan Glasser did was throw a bunch of letters together. I went up to his office and asked him - how do you want this pronounced? And he says "I don't know, it's your weapon!" And I said 'anything?' However you think it should sound!" So that's where zat'n'ikatel came from.