03 September 2008

SciFi channel: Trashy channel

Is it one of life's ironies that the American Channel that goes by the name of SciFi Channel secretly hates good science fictions shows?

Is this a mad hatter's plot to replace entertaining shows with utter rubbish?

While I am still smarting from the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis (I feel your pain, crew!), I came across this article in Geeks of Doom.

Who is latest victim? The fabulous and thought provoking Battlestar Galactia.

The second half of the final season has not been scheduled where the series finale might air as late as April 2009!

Arrrgh! Seems like SciFi has learnt a thing or two from Fox's dastardly treatment of Firefly. And that is not a path they want to venture down.

Adams Douglas is quoted as saying "
and the SCI FI Network sucks,”

Hear, hear.